“There is only one Van Morrison. Everyone who knows a lick of music would agree with this statement. But…maybe an exception can be made because newcomers Quinn Devlin & The Bridge Street Kings are not just channeling the great singer-songwriter but reinterpreting his sound for contemporary audiences. The handful of songs that we have heard have been fantastic with the stand out being “Deep In Your Heart”. The number blends classic ’70s rock with a Motown groove, giving this rock ‘n roll number a funky vibe. Not since Foxygen has a band come along and brought back the music our parents and grandparents listened to and made it sound fresh and exciting. The song is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.” – Ben Yung (The Revue)

“He [Devlin] knows when to push and pull and has a lot of emotion in his voice…Emotion, soul, musicianship you can’t ask for much else.” – Ted Rogen (No More Division)

“Some earthy-yet-ethereal blue-eyed soul that carries that Van torch forward. Also there’s some Hall & Oates in there? I mean that in the most positive way possible. You know what, ignore all that. It’s just a great song.” – Stephen Carradini (Independent Clauses)

Quinn Devlin & The Bridge Street Kings are a soul outfit out of Columbia University. Led by singer/songwriter Quinn Devlin, the role of acoustic guitar accompaniment is swapped in favor of a gunslinging R&B orchestra ready to take anyone in a cutting contest. In the fall of 2013, he was a little boy lost, runnin’ around Columbia University with a notebook full of songs trying write like Dylan, play like Brother Ray, sing like Wilson Pickett, and grow a beard like Springsteen. But, ya see, it get’s lonely out there singing songs to yourself at 3 a.m. coming down again. Fortunately, while wasting his life away at that piano, he’d run in to the core of the eventual Bridge Street Kings. Countless fleeting and disjointed jams in lounges, friendships forged, a botched summer recording session, and a full year later the Bridge Street Kings emerged as a 4 piece folk outfit intent on transcendence. Well 2 more years gone by, hundreds of songs, dozens of gigs, 6 additional cats to hip ya to their horns and guitars, a successful adventure to New Jersey, one Fender Rhodes piano, and here they are with more than pocketful of soul.

The Bridge Street Kings
Nick Kirsch – Piano
Dylan DeFeo – Organ
James Wyatt Woodall – Guitar
Andy Shimm – Bass
Zach Calluori – Drums
Evan Lane – Trumpet
Eli Aleinikoff – Tenor Saxophone
Siddhu Anandalingam – Baritone Saxophone
Friends Waiting In The Wings
Steve Griffin – Guitar
Scott Lowery – Organ, Piano
Rachel Berman – Tenor Saxophone
Maurice Marion – Flute
Casey Adams – Drums
Graham Jacobson – Alto Saxophone
Lucas Zabotin – Drums
Andy Arditi – Tenor Saxophone
DK Guo – Trumpet
Maia Claman – Tenor Saxophone
Cassidy Jameson – Vocals
Natalie Burgos – Vocals
Larkspur Gunther – Vocals